Starting a company while raising 2 daughters (part 1 of … many?)

It’s difficult to describe how joy and frustration mix when you are the primary caregiver of your children while building a company. Joy comes from having the flexibility to be with my daughters every day: from dropping off pre-k to picking up and playing Barbie all afternoon while mom gets home. Being with them is magical. They represent the perfect state of purity and innocence most people lose as they grow up.

My princesses

However, being with the kids takes a toll when faced with the fast-paced startup life:  Taking calls with important people while kids are screaming is inevitable; going 4 hours during the day and 8 hour during the night is not uncommon; settling in a pattern of short-lived interactions with my wife when she comes home; etc.  In addition to logistical issues, having this limited capacity is stressful.

How to cope? Well, my main source of energy is the challenge to increasing the success rate of millions of entrepreneurs by connecting them to the right opportunities.  The best boost happens when users call me to offer suggestions for improving the site because they understand and like our concept.

The ultimate satisfaction comes from believing and following my dream of building a great company while helping people be successful.  I am confident this experience will encourage my kids to consider following their dreams when the time comes.

More soon.

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