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Future Boston Alliance, a group of citizens who have come together to advocate for incremental change in Boston, launched its first business accelerator in 2012 targeted to the urban creative class. We helped them get started by finding qualified startup participants.


Client Challenge

Urban-based creative and emerging enterprises often lack the level of support they need to succeed, as they are often disconnected from innovation ecosystems typically centered on technology research and development.

Our Approach

The Future Boston Alliance sought to expand support to urban creative businesses by launching a new kind of accelerator program centered on entrepreneurial education and on developing a new entrepreneurial community centered on the creative class. We were tasked with finding promising startup applicants and offering a low-cost yet effective solution to program leadership to find and qualify submissions in a short period.


In less than 4 weeks, we captured close to 40 applicants for the new accelerator program. Future Boston evaluated a subset of these candidates and selected 23 participants in the 2012 accelerator.


Future Boston's leadership is available for references upon request.