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Help Neighborhood Businesses Connect With Experts

Improve The Delivery of Technical Assistance to Boston's Neighborhood Businesses


The City of Boston's Office of Business Development needed to improve delivery of business technical assistance to businesses in Boston. The City chose us to find innovators with existing solutions that could be adapted for this purpose.


Client Challenge

The quality of service in Boston's business assistance organizations, such as Small Business Development Centers, The Center For Women and Enterprise, etc., to local businesses was suffering from lack of coordination and collaboration among providers, as inquiries that required the attention of two or more organizations often took too long or demanded too much time from the inquiring business to pursue, frustrating everyone involved.

Our Approach

The City's Office of Business Development addressed the issue by engaging us to find innovators developing technology platforms aimed at fostering collaboration amongst business groups in the greater Boston area.


In less than 5 weeks, we identified over 20 targets offering such a platform. Of the 20+ candidates proposed, the City selected 7 semifinalists:
The City selected E-Powerhouse as the winning target. E-powerhouse scales and sustains entrepreneurial organizations' resources and knowledge through an intelligent online platform that fosters collaboration between key players in the ecosystem.


City of Boston officials and target participants are available for reference upon request.