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Meet the CEO of BMW Technology Corporation of North America

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As a member of MIT's Industrial Liaison Program, BMW asked, in relatively short notice, MIT ILP to identify innovative startups in the greater Boston area. We helped MIT ILP deliver great startups in record time.


Client Challenge

A Senior Industrial Liaison Officer at MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), received an inquiry from BMW Technologies, an ILP member, to connect with local, innovative technology startups that could be of interest to BMW. The Officer had only a couple of weeks to identify relevant MIT-related startups in the specific areas BMW outlined.

Our Approach

The Officer relied on our focused search capabilities and deep connections to the startup ecosystem in Boston to quickly identify qualified candidates worthy of a meeting with such a high-level executive.


In a record-setting time of 12 hours, we unearthed 10 local startups incredibly qualified and interested in meeting the CTO of BMW Technologies. The meeting generated significant interest among all participants, one of which has raised over $30 million in funding.


MIT's Senior Industrial Liaison Officer and the handful of selected startup CEOs are available as references upon request.