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The CTO of Disney Studios, through MIT's Industrial Liaison Program, wanted to connect with creative enterprises developing novel products and services in video, audio production and storytelling. We helped the ILP find many relevant companies for Disney at varying stages of development.


Client Challenge

A Senior Industrial Liaison Officer at MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) wanted to connect Disney Studios, an ILP member, with MIT-related startups in areas of video and sound production and storytelling. However, the Officer was significantly time-constrained due to meetings and travel and could not dedicate enough time to search and vet the many startups in Boston who could qualify.

Our Approach

We focused on targeting various sectors of the content production industry as well as relevant innovation networks that could refer startups that loosely met Disney's criteria.


In just 3 weeks, we attracted the interest of over 50 targets, of which 17 were considered and 6 were selected best fit. With this information, the Officer was able to craft a powerful email to the CTO of Disney studios who is eager to meet with the proposed targets.


MIT's Industrial Liaison Officer is available to provide references upon request.