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City of Boston's Social Media Challenge

Socialize Brick And Mortar Businesses In Boston To Drive Business From Loyal Customers


The City of Boston was looking for innovative organizations and startups offering social media solutions to help neighborhood businesses monetize their social networks as paying customers.


Client Challenge

Neighborhood businesses in the City of Boston increasingly were loosing money from deal-centric online platforms that promised increased revenues and customers.

Our Approach

The City's Office of Business Development addressed the issue by asking us to find innovators developing technology solutions specifically targeted at supporting neighborhood businesses use social media to expand sales, profitably.


In less than 6 weeks, we found over 40 qualified targets for the job. Of the 40+ targets we proposed, the City selected 8 semifinalists:The City eventually selected Privy as the partner for the job. Privy makes it incredibly easy for small businesses to create promotional marketing campaigns that drive their online audience in-store. You can read more about this great campaign in the City's website.


City of Boston officials are very happy with our service. They are available for reference upon request.