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Seeking Startups as Exhibitors for MIT Health and Wellness Conference

Exhibitors wanted for MIT's Future of Health and Wellness Conference (Feb 6-7)

This search ended successfully on February, 2013.


MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) sought to recruit startup exhibitors for its 2013 Health and Wellness conference but faced fast approaching deadlines. We assisted conference organizers in finding qualified MIT-related startups in record time.


Client Challenge

MIT's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) sought innovative startups in the field of health and wellness and information technology as exhibitors in the 2013 health and wellness conference. ILP staff was facing significant time constraints in identifying qualified startups.

Our Approach

We leveraged our Boston and coast-to-coast networks to identify innovative startups in the east and west coasts. Our simple set of qualifying criteria were critical in identifying which companies were seriously considering the opportunity.


In less than 3 weeks, we attracted over 15 startups for no more than 5 spots available. Startup exhibitors enjoyed building direct connections to senior technology and business executives who attended the member-only conference.


Conference organizers at MIT's Industrial Liaison Program are available for references upon request.